Amazing product inserts for any goal
The all-in-one solution with an unlimited number of Amazon-friendly templates
works for other marketplaces as well
To get 3 months
for free
after the trial
No credit card required
Save money
on designers and devs
Clients are tempted to scan the QR code to get a reward or an offer
Bingo! Seamless data collection experience within a generated landing page
get in touch with customers from marketplaces on your own
Email collection
coupons among 1st-time customers
Repeated purchases
enjoy free inserts templates for any seasonal occasion
Seasonal promos
extend your community and work on loyalty
Social media boost
You add a branded product insert to every delivery
Offer valid only
until December 7th
What is it?
The no-code solution that helps you reaching out your customers and makes them buy your products again and again
The product insert
The landing page
template of choice for multiple tasks (data collection, coupons, extra information)
your logo and colors
the QR code linked to the data collection hub, education content, or your social media assets
custom templates on demand
the same design as the product inserts
custom form for collecting the data you need
pixels for audience collection
comprehensive customer analytics
and more...
Use cases
Get to know your customers and tailor your offer according to the research. Set up the no-code form easily within the data collection landing page with just in a few clicks
Make a guess-free decision on which audiences, products, and channels drive the best results and use these insights in campaigns.
Install the standard pixels (Meta, Google Analytics, etc.) on the landing page to collect the segments of your current customers and contact them via ads. You can build look-a-like segments to acquire new ones based on your best practice.
Collect emails and export them to the email marketing service of choice easily. Keep your customers updated on what's new and what's on sale.
Customer surveys
Comprehensive analytics
Retargeting ads
Email communication
Contact customers you can't access on marketplaces
Customer data collection
Export professional ready-to-print files and print them out wherever you like.
Use different designs for products to personalize the message
Want to get something extraordinary? Our designers can tweak our templates for you or create one of your own
Try various approaches and see what works best for your products
Easier production
Each product shines
Custom templates
Experiment more
Any number of designs for the same price
Don't limit your marketing
Make a unique design for any marketplace, or use the same template everywhere.
Works with any marketplace
Soon we'll be able to take even this load from you and deliver the printed cards just by your door.
Education is something that builds the bond between your products and your customers. Help them get the most out of your product to buy more.
Proud of your content on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube? Share it with your customers to show the variety of your offerings. Yes, this is what we call upselling.
How-to content
Social media groups
Connect your customers with educational content to make them crave more
Make your content sell
How does it work?
Pick the product template from our extended library
Add your branding and make your marketing move (ad coupon codes for the next purchase, for example)
Create the landing page template in the same design as the data collection destination
Download the ready-to-print product inserts designs and add them to each purchase
Export a list of segmented emails and contact your customers with product updates and special offers
Export the pixel data and use it for customer research and better performance campaigns
You can make the product inserts for each of your products and point of sale — no extra charge!
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